Worlds Upon The Land [EP - Vol. 2]

by Worlds Upon The Land



This EP is the second volume of our forthcoming album "Worlds Upon The Land" made in collaboration with our friend Boris Marceglia.


released November 15, 2015

Boris Marceglia (lyrics, music, arrangement, vocal)
Branko Crnogorčić (music, arrangement, programming, drums)
Marino Buršić (music, arrangement, programming, guitar)
Marko Kalčić (music, arrangement, programming, bass)

Jana Radić (oboe on Ride The Whale)



all rights reserved


Worlds Upon The Land Pula, Croatia


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Track Name: Landscape Collage
You are my landscape
I am your spider
crawling, crawling...

Resting in the middle of the road
with broken bones but voiceless eyes closed
Yes, 'cause what does crazy mean to you?

Oh, that wonder full crazy moon
stuck high up on black
scattering the clouds away...

Yes, 'cause what does crazy mean to you?
Our heads are somewhere else
and this is a dream,
a dream
Track Name: Chewingum Ovulation
Spread your chewingum fingers
across my chewingum face
caress me to extension
wrap me ‘round your tongue
‘round your wooden tongue

It’s so simple

Licking my lips ready to kiss
her rubber lips ready to kiss
and to taste all that love
flowing out, out and out

See my head turning ‘round 180 degrees

She’s licking my flesh
to show me her love
she’s just licking my flesh
just to show me her love
It’s a sex of mind
and a sex of soul
just to show me her love

It’s so simple

Elastic microscopic creatures moving
not as slow as we think
but surprisingly fast
so surprisingly fast
incredibly fast
very very fast
Track Name: Ride The Whale
Ride the whale
ride the whale
and see the libraries of the sea

Ride the whale
ride the whale
we're gonna ride with you to the photon belt and beyond