Worlds Upon The Land [EP - Vol. 1]

by Worlds Upon The Land

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This EP is the first volume of our forthcoming album "Worlds Upon The Land" made in collaboration with our friend Boris Marceglia.


released May 15, 2015

Boris Marceglia (lyrics, music, arrangement, vocal)
Branko Crnogorčić (music, arrangement, programming, drums)
Marino Buršić (music, arrangement, programming, guitar)
Marko Kalčić (music, arrangement, programming, bass)

Vedran Unukić (bass on Cosmic River)



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Worlds Upon The Land Pula, Croatia


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Track Name: Cosmic River
Have you seen the lady of the stars?
She is the queen, she brings the light
Her crown is shining bright
It's alright!

I've been absorbed by the pupils of your eyes
And now I live inside
Now I live inside
It's alright!

Sinking in the abyss of your love
Your love is like a hole
A hole through which I fall
It's alright!

Fluent limpid cosmic river running
Across my wounded body
Let the pain just flow away
I wanna stay with you one more day
It's alright!

Never dry me up
Never let it stop
Please never wake me up
It's alright, alright!

She's the queen of the stars

Do you know the meaning of her smile?
Track Name: What If
What will happen if the iceberg takes a vacation?
What will happen if the Earth seeks consolation?
What will happen if the prophet spoke the truth?
What will happen if I never tell You I love You?

What will happen if the big fish keep going with the flow?
What will happen if the small fish refuse to grow?
What will happen if the depth is just for the few?
What will happen if I never tell You I love You?

What will happen if I swear my lovely creator?
What will happen if You find out your teacher is a traitor?
What will happen if the children change their view?
What will happen if I never tell You I love You?

And then they threw
All the trucks and trains
All rockets and cranes
In an orgasmically boiling volcano
And watched them melt
In dance and chant
They spent days and nights
And it served them right
Yes, it served them right
The rivers of lava carried away
All flags and hymns into the ocean depths
And they danced and they sang
And they played their games
And they never prayed again

What will happen if the cities start to fall
And the plants then take control?
Every morning the whole world would be covered by dew
But what will happen if I never tell You that I love You?
Track Name: Worlds Upon The Land
Shell shaker
Stone collector
Wave rider
A long distance marvel

Peace bearer
Rainforest in September
Star gazer
A peak mountain painter

Worlds Upon The Land